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UV Sunlight & your skin

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The main source of UV radiation in our environment is the sun at 4.5 billion years old.

Two types of UV rays are emitted that can be damaging to our skin, UVA & UVB. These rays pose a major risk factor for skin cancers and can exacerbate the breakdown of collagen supporting our skin, thus being a significant cause of skin ageing.

For simplicity, at OneYou we refer to the two types as UVA (Ageing) rays and UVB (Burning) rays.

UVA rays are capable of penetrating right down into the Dermis, causing photodamage and signs of ageing.

UVB rays actually damage our skin’s important make-up (DNA). Known as ‘burning’ rays, they are responsible for damage caused by sunburn that can lead to long term damage and destruction. It is thought UVB rays are the most responsible for causing skin cancers, hence why it’s so important to avoid burning and to actively protect your skin via a good Suncream with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

The sun is a huge factor when planning your Laser Hair Removal. It is essential to protect your skin both before and after treatment.

Due to increased pigment in the skin from sun exposure and tanning, Laser Hair Removal is not only negatively effected by sun exposure but by fake tan, sunbeds and tinted moisturiser too.

Top tip: Try to wear a broad spectrum suncream daily (broad spectrum means covering both UVA & UVB rays). Remember prevention is better than cure. Protecting your skin on a daily basis will not only help prevent damage but keep your skin looking healthy for longer.

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