Statement of Purpose

OneYou (2018) Ltd

now trading as The Doll House Hair, Beauty and Aesthetics 

451 Cowbridge Rd East, 




Telephone number:  07531 744439

Email address:

Aims and objectives of the establishment or agency


OneYou (2018) Ltd is a Laser clinic that provides skin care to customers in the Cardiff area.

In November 2021, it joined forces with The Doll House after a successful working relationship, to become OneYou (2018) Ltd, trading as The Doll House Hair, Beauty and Aesthetics.  Thus enabling us to share resources and offer our customers more services and better availability. 

The Registered Manager is Kimberley Davison-Sebry who has more than 13 years’ experience in managing skin care clinics.

We aim to provide customers with access to a range of affordable laser treatments within a fully equipped for purpose clinical and welcoming environment.

Customers will receive excellent care and expertise, with the highest levels of empathy and understanding.  Treatments for skin care services will be provided by an Aesthetic Practitioner who possesses all the necessary training and qualifications to provide their services.

Conditions treated can be summarised as vascular and pigmented lesions, and the permanent reduction of dark hair. The purpose of some treatments maybe cosmetic, but many patients benefit through reducing the emotional and psychological stress related to their condition.

All laser treatments are non-invasive and are for adults of any gender.

The Laser has been sourced by a reputable industry leading manufacturer and is classed as a medical-grade laser. [Cynosure Elite +]

We provide these treatments in an environment, which is:  


Compliant with all current safety regulations

Staffed by a qualified Aesthetic Practitioner

Welcoming and friendly

Open, honest and transparent in its dealings with customers

Respectful of all customer’s dignity and confidentiality


All clinical customers will have a Consultation prior to any treatment commencing, once suitability for treatment has been determined and full consent given.


Registered Manager Details

Kimberley Davison-Sebry

OneYou (2018) Ltd trading as The Doll House Hair, Beauty and Aesthetics 

451 Cowbridge Rd E, 



Telephone number:  07531 744439

Email address:

Relevant qualifications


HND Beauty Therapy & Spa Management


Core of Knowledge (Laser/ILS Safety) (LAS01) certificate recompleted 04/07/18 

Cynosure Laser manufacturer trained and retraining on 11/07/18 and 15/07/19

Relevant experience 


Registered Clinic Manager – DestinationSkin  02/11/08-01/04/10

Cluster Manager – DestinationSkin  02/04/10-01/08/10

Commercial Training Manager – DestinationSkin  01/08/10-31/08/12

Senior Sales and Educator – Advanced Esthetics Solutions Ltd 01/11/12-30/04/14

Registered Clinic Manager & Head of Contact Centre  - sk:n Clinics  01/12/14-23/02/17


Responsible Individual Details

(Same as Registered Manager)

Roles and responsibilities within the organisation


To ensure the health and safety of all customers and staff, while delivering an excellent standard of customer service and treatments as stated within the patient guide. 

To ensure the privacy and dignity of customers and staff is respected at all times.

To ensure all operational policies and procedures are followed by all staff and all staff adhere to the Local Rules as set out by the LPA.

To take complaints seriously and follow the complaints procedure for OneYou as per the policy detailed in the patient guide.

To follow all guidelines in line with The Healthcare Inspectorate of Wales’ requirements.



Staff Details

Kimberley Davison-Sebry

Director / Registered Manager

HND Beauty Therapy & Spa Management


Organisational Structure

Registered Manager/Responsible Individual - Kimberley Davison-Sebry


The Registered Manager is responsible for the overall day to day running of the clinic.  All other posts report into the Registered Manager.

All staff are expected to follow the clinics’ policies and procedures and adhere to the Local Rules as set out by the LPA.  Every treatment has a clear clinical protocol, which should be followed for each relevant indication by only those designated suitable to carry out that treatment.  At present, Kimberley Davison-Sebry is the sole member of staff.





The clinic is a  Laser treatment room based inside a hair and beauty salon.


The laser treatment room is for clinical purpose and the use of a Cynosure Elite + Laser, used in conjunction with a New User Cryo skin cooling system.

The laser has its own 32amp socket and a mini portable fire extinguisher.


Services offered that are registered with the Healthcare Inspectorate of Wales are all offered via the Cynosure Elite + Laser and include:


Laser hair reduction – for the removal of unwanted dark hair, for ages 18 and over


Laser vascular lesion removal – for the removal or reduction of fine facial, leg and body vascular lesions, for ages 18 and over


Laser pigmented lesion removal – for the removal or reduction of pigmented lesions on the face, legs or body, for ages 18 and over 


Skin revitalisation by collagen stimulation to face and body for ages 18 and over



The Cynosure Elite + is a combined variable long-pulsed alexandrite and variable long-pulsed neodymium YAG laser, utilising 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths.  It is used simultaneously with a New User Cryo skin cooling unit for skin cooling during all applications for treatment. Cooling can be controlled subject to treatment requirement and customer preference.


Patients Views


Patient views will be sought via an emailed survey through our cloud-based software. It will allow patients to leave their views and valuable input.  The information will be collated and reviewed quarterly.  Any views of an urgent nature will be dealt with immediately where possible.


Patients will also be encouraged to email any feedback of a non-confidential nature at any time to



Arrangements for Visiting / Opening Hours



The opening hours of the clinic are by appointment only as advertised on our website when space is available.


The clinic telephone is a mobile phone.  This is to make staff availability as accessible as possible, especially where urgent advice may be needed.

In the case of an emergency of a medical nature, all customers will be advised to seek assistance from their G.P. or Accident and Emergency, or by dialling 101 or 999.

If appropriate, the clinic will consult the advice of our LPA.


There is no requirement for patient visiting but a chaperone may attend during initial consultations.  Chaperones will be asked to vacate the room during any laser-based treatment or patch-testing for their own optical radiation safety.



Arrangements for dealing with Complaints


Complaints Procedure

OneYou endeavours to treat all of its clients professionally, compassionately and fairly. If you find you have an issue with any matter in relation to your treatment please make OneYou aware either in person, by telephone or in writing. 

In order to put your complaint in writing, please contact:

Registered Manager
OneYou (2018) Ltd trading as
The Doll House Hair, Beauty and Aesthetics 

451 Cowbridge Rd East, 




or telephone 07531 744439

The Registered Manager will aim to listen to any concerns regarding the nature of the complaint and try to remedy the issue as soon as possible.  Where this cannot be resolved immediately, you will receive a written acknowledgment within 3 working days to confirm that an investigation into the matter is underway.
During the investigative process, you may be invited in to clinic for a further review, and in order to assess your concerns or provide appropriate follow-up care.

OneYou will aim to provide you with a full written response within 20 working days or where this
is not possible, an update as to the cause of the delay.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of this process and the final response, you have recourse to 
inform the Healthcare Inspectorate of Wales of your concerns.

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales
Welsh Government
Rhydycar Business Park
Merthyr Tydfil
CF48 1UZ

Telephone: 0300 062 8163



Privacy and Dignity


We are committed to a policy of treating all its employees, job applicants, clients, customers and suppliers equally. 


There should be no unlawful discrimination on account of age, disability, gender reassignment, political belief, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. These are known as protected characteristics under the legislation.

Every clinical client will receive a consultation prior to commencing any treatment.  If a client wishes to fill out their consultation form privately, we will endeavour to accommodate their request in the treatment rooms not designated for the purpose of laser treatment.

The actual consultation itself will always take place within a treatment room, and chaperones are permitted with consent of the client if preferable.

In order to establish if the treatment is suitable for each client, the intended area for treatment will be assessed during the consultation.  Non-identifying photographs (stored securely) will be taken to record treatment progress and results.

Where clients need to remove items of clothing, Practitioners will leave the room and leave modesty towels and disposable underwear where appropriate.  Practitioners will only re-enter after a knock checking it is ok to do so is acknowledged at the door.

Possessions will be within the designated room for treatment with the client present.

We retain the right to refuse treatment at any time; for example if consent is not given in writing or a client refuses photographs to be taken.


In the event any patients’ privacy or dignity is not maintained within the facility in line with the Equality Act 2010, a full investigation will be launched and appropriate disciplinary action taken.

Any affected patients’ will be dealt with sensitively and still in total confidence with the Registered Manager.  All patients will have access to the formal complaints procedure and may wish to escalate their complaint in line with the procedure.

Date Statement of Purpose written:  11/06/19

Date Statement of Purpose last reviewed and amended: 09/11/2021

Author:  Kimberley Davison-Sebry